Paddock Maintenance

Linden Services also offer a field and paddock maintenance service to landowners. Tired pastures and grasslands can be revitalised in a number of ways to produce fresh growth, these include chain  harrowing, flat rolling as well as the mowing of overgrown areas.

The chain harrows are towed by either a 4 wheel drive vehicle or small tractor and disperse animal droppings evenly over the ground as well as levelling molehills and removing dead grass allowing new growth. This process can be done all year round and will show almost instant results.

Our 10ft wide water ballasted flat roller is used for flattening ground poached by livestock or wheel marks from machinery. Ideally completed during spring or autumn time when soil is soft as to have maximum effect in pasture this process also works well after reseeding.

Overgrown grass, brambles and nettles can be cut back with heavy duty rotary or flail mowers mounted on the rear of our tractors. Highly transportable and small in size we can mow the tightest of areas.

Ditching and Drainage: Field ditches can be cleared of silt and obstructions with tracked excavators thus allowing water to run freely through them, fields will drain better and in turn produce better growth.

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