Post and Rail

An popular and attractive fence, Post and Rail has many options to suit you requirements.

Rustic Cleft chestnut post and rail produced in house by Linden Services is our most popular style of fence and looks fantastic whether its in a residential garden or woodland location. Cleft Chestnut post and rail offers a tremendous lifespan due to its natural preservatives and is cut from sustainable Kent coppiced woodlands.

Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail comprises of cleft rails fixed into the mortises of either cleft half round posts or square sawn softwood posts.

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Square Sawn post and rail is most commonly used for securing pony and horse paddocks but can be routinely seen being used for livestock handling systems and holding areas due to its high strength and durability. It can easily follow the contours of the ground and can be fitted with netting to produce a high quality stock proof barrier, posts are generally driven in mechanically tho digging and concreting is sometimes necessary in poor ground conditions.

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